In terms of LED light panels, it’s common sense to know that different color ranges will give off different effects. As far as lighting color terminology goes, the two most basic phrases are warm colors and cool colors, and it depends on the effect that you’re going after as to which range of colors you should use.

If you own a business that doesn’t bring in customers to your actual office location, then your main objective should be to provide lighting to your workers that optimize their performance. If, however, you do have customers who come in and look at the products and services you are offering, you will, of course, want lighting that gives your products and services the most appeal. And fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to choose what LED lightboxes custom color range is best for your project.

Enhancing the Performance of Your Workers

Brighter lights are known to lead to higher levels of worker productivity. Because of this, in the actual offices of your workers, you need to provide them LED backlighting panels that give off white, bright lighting. You’ll want to avoid dark colors; this can lead to a sense of depression for those who spend hours on end sitting behind a computer screen and/or office desk while working.

Take a Look at the Colors of Your Products

Different products will look better under different colors of light. If you’re selling products that contain hues of yellow or red, you will want your custom color range to include LED light panels that give off warm colors. If you were to use a cool color range, this would give your products the appearance of being green or gray, and you don’t want this.

If your products are lighter colored, such as white or silver, or even a light blue, then your lighting needs to be come from a cool color range. If you opt to use warm colors, this will only lead to your products looking muddy and dingy.
Lastly, keep in mind that if you’re selling clothing or cosmetics, it’s usually best to stick with LED light boxes that give off neutral lighting. In doing so, your products will look very natural, which is exactly what customers will want.