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Powered by innovative Samsung LED technology, this LED Lightbox offers bright, even lighting in a very thin profile!

LED Light Box is part of the Green LED Lighting Solutions product line. Green LED Lighting Solutions(GLLS) provides commercial LED lighting solutions worldwide through its various brands. GLLS is a North American company with offices in Canada and the United States.

Green LED Lighting Solutions’ business is primarily B2B; namely sign and lighting companies, design engineering firms, and architecture firms. Green LED Lighting Solutions has provided LED lighting solutions to major awards shows, Hollywood movies and commercials, large-scale advertising campaigns, casino projects, and other large commercial projects.

Our experience in dealing with large projects in time-sensitive industries has given us a reputation as a solid manufacturer and supplier.


Required by architectural, design, and engineering firms as well as retailers and brand marketers.

  • Single Sided – use high-intensity white LED’s

  • Double Sided – illuminate exceptionally bright

  • Fabric – provides high impact and uniform illumination

Headquartered in the USA with offices in the USA and Canada, GLLS offers sophisticated LED lighting products using energy efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs for commercial lighting and commercial signs.


Green LED Lighting Solutions specializes in working with our clients to bring their projects to life. We understand customization and the importance of on-time delivery. We make your products to order and deliver them timely with lead times significantly better than industry standard.

Custom sizes, frame colors, and color temperatures

Standard custom orders are delivered to your door in 5-7 days from the date the order is placed. Larger orders vary but lead times are significantly shorter than industry standard.

Superb even back lighting gets the most out of your graphics.

Industry standard is 1 year warranty. We express faith and confidence in our products demonstrated by our extended warranty


Alex Wise
Alex WiseAccount Manager
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Christine Gautreau
Christine GautreauSenior Account Manager
Toll free: 1.888.580.6366
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We have been in the lighting industry for over ten years, and have had our products used by the Oscars, Sephora, Disney, Microsoft, and many more!

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