When it comes to the success of a movie or television show, you may wonder what matters almost as much as the dialogue, the plot, and the cast. Lighting can make a powerful impact on any scene, providing the perfect ambience and mood. This allows the viewer to get lost in this unforgettable moment.

Of course, as a director, you could spend hours arranging spotlights and overhead lights to create the perfect illumination for a set. You can also rely on LED Light Boxes to do the work for you. We’ll help you order these in a variety of customized shapes to get the ideal amount of light for your set. You will notice far more realistic backdrops than you would have achieved from other types of light fixtures.

These LED light boxes can increase the appearance and the illumination of a design or a large photo or set prop. These light boxes come with a variety of frame colors that the director can choose from, such as black, silver, and white. You can select the one that best blends into your set. Alternately, you can also buy multiple boxes and snap them together to create an even more stunning LED display. Directors can choose from the single or 20 millimeter or the double-sided or 30 millimeter sizes.

Each LED light box comes with a patented V-Cut technology that comes edge-mounted within the boxes. This technology provides strong and even lighting all across the light box, no matter if you opt for a smaller one or a larger model. You won’t have to worry about uneven distribution of light or hot spots. You can even get a variety of light colors with RGB hue changes as well as cool white.

You’ll find installation a breeze for these slim light boxes. That’s especially useful if you use them for multiple scenes in a movie or TV show and need to adjust the lighting for each of those scenes. You won’t have to deal with bulky equipment to get top-notch illumination. You also won’t have to worry about these lights burning out on you. LED light boxes come designed to last at least 50,000 hours minimum.

Once you buy these light boxes for your movie or TV set, you can take advantage of a three-year warranty. This covers you in case you experience any issues like workmanship or with any of the materials. As the director, you can now enjoy peace of mind and better lighting with LED light boxes.