What is an LED lightbox, and why do you need one for your business?

You may not have purchased or used these immensely convenient and effective devices before, but you’ve definitely seen them around — in store windows, at POS stations and even overhanging the main entrances of major retail outlets. These versatile, easy-to-read boxes can display any message you want your customers to receive, in full color and vivid detail, and they can make that impact far more cost-effectively than other forms of light box technology. Let’s look at the big advantages you can enjoy from installing LED light boxes in your facility:

Ease of use

LED lightboxes tend to feature ultra-thin designs while also offering sturdy functionality — after all, they’re designed to run 24/7 in a variety of indoor or outdoor conditions, and a typical LED array will burn many times longer than a traditional fluorescent tube (up to a million hours or more, depending on the array). Better yet, the aluminum frame of an LED light box usually includes an easy-access panel that allows you to switch your display images on the fly. Simply pop open the panel, unclip the illustration, clip the new illustration into place, and shut the panel.

Brilliant POS advertising

If you have trouble steering your customers to your promotions, special offers or hard-to-sell products, LED light boxes can do a brilliant job of guiding their steps. You can find them in enormous, attention-grabbing sizes these days, which means that you can place them as permanent department markers or directory boards for quick, easy reference by your clientele. In fact, this type of signage has become so prevalent that today’s customers seem to seek them out instinctively when they enter a store. You want to make sure you fulfill those expectations by giving them the signposts they’ve come to rely on.

Energy savings

Yes, light boxes using older lighting technologies have been around for a long time, but modern LED light boxes can do their job just as well while burning considerably less energy and producing less waste heat. LED lights produce more illumination per watt than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs — and that higher output remains constant no matter how large or small the lights are. Over time, your company can enjoy substantial energy savings while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint for more responsible, sustainable operation.